Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, Sad Day

procastinating on my essssay. ughhhhh >:(
its like allllready 1030, n i just came home fr my uncles viewing at mililani cementary.
haw, i felt like tearing watching the slide show. i remember when i always use to see him at family gatherings. well, hardly knew him but its stillll unbelievable.
then my phone started ringing, hahhaah ooops!
n im hungry again and cant go sleeeep!
well anyways, im feeelin that xmas spirit :DDDDD xcited for black friday.
gooodness im tryna save up my money, n my mom owes me $40,
ahhahah, you know how i rolllllll just kiddding.
ugh, im seriously craving foooooooood! fuck, especiallly menchies.
i wish i had a menchhies frozen yogurt machine, MIDNIGHT SNACK. ahah, wellllll im off
gottta re read my esssay for history n then callll mi bebaaaaay de la drzzzzay!

cyaaaaa, shi shi ny ny errrr body!

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