Saturday, November 22, 2008

once again im bored n home alone >:(
today....didnt start well. it was pouring SOOOOO hard!
i wanted to have a good day hanging w. my bf but nooo, cause twilight started tooo late
n darren had to go work. ugh >:( then i get super pissed cause he mistakend the day we went out for his x's! huh, i was so damn hurt! n that started a whooooooole nother aguement.

& he wouldnt give back my phone, my purse, my keys, n my monnnney!
i hate hate hate hate hate him so much! goshhhh, now i cant do nothing.

im super pissssed...n to top that, IM BOREDDDDD!
so if you know my house....ENTERTAIN ME :D

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