Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7 months ;(

welll, yest. i drew a drawing. which toook me verrrry verrry long time b/c, ha!, i cant draw. i made that for darrren b/c we make 7 months tdaaaaay, plus i made a wrote a letttter, telling him how i feeeel.....& allll he said was "its cute?"
>:( GOSHHHHHH! it may not be much, but at least i tried ry?
at least fake you feeelings, & show that you care >:(
im so annnnnngry n frustrated, i feeel like......ARGGGGH!
i wasnt even suppposed to see him today, cause i was gonnna get my phone.
but then i told my mom to wait, just so i can have time w. my boyfriend.
when we got to the car, i just tooook the drawing n ripppped it up b/c he doesnt fucken care
haaaaaaaaaaw, i work so hard too, tryna make it perfect.
he nevr appppreciates the things i give him :(
i made him so much bracelets, he can care lesss bout them
i gave a a purple rock, shaped like a heart....he just has it in his drawer.
i made him a poster, he just has it on the side.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddd fucken know!
n alllll he does it turn off his phone, gosh, he knows how much that psssses me offff!