Tuesday, July 22, 2008

B4 back to school list:

[x/] ALOT of new clothes
[x/] more sandal/shoes/flats
[x] new bags
[x] shades
[] see keffffen when he comes to HI!
[x] hotel party w/ EVRYONE
[x/] get my $$$ that my mom owes me
[x/] new accessories
[x] get a new liquid eye liner (im too lazy to buy another one)
[<3333333333333333] see my bf at least 3x a week, we've both been so busy :(

^ thats it for now.
& UGHHHHHHHHHHH! i hate how my school is free dress
i have to always dress to impress. welll, thas how you GOTTA roll ;)

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